miércoles, 11 de abril de 2007

unit 13

My house in on Guajira Avenue, across from the hospital. The hospital is on guajira Avenue and Milagro Norte. The Cffe on Guajira Avenue. It’s between delicias Avenue. Shoes is on the corner of 5 de julio Avenue next to supermarke.


I think english is very important. The most difficult is spaeking, but Ineed to practice more.

unit 11 II

hi, my name is luis manuel and I did a composion about Chistmas, and Why for me it's a worldwide celebration

Chistmas is world celebration wich date is December 25th, a date we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, the son of god.In this celebration is mention that it’s time for reconciliation of love and family gather.the childrens wait until midnight to open there gifts that Santa Claus brought them.

What is your opinion? what is favorite celebration? why?

unit 11

we talked about our birthdays, our favorite month on the year and why, and our favorite day of the week and why.........

Hi, my name is Luis Manuel. I was born on January 7th, 1987. I favorite month for the year is November because Chinita Celebration. My favorite day of the week is Saturday It’s slepps and dancing.

What is your opinion? What is your favorite day of the week? why?

what is your month of the year? why?

unit 12

P: good morning
Docter.D: good morning Mrs. Perez.
P: docter my heard hurt and I feel dizzy
D: let me take your pressure
P: how is my pressure?
D: your pressure is low, you have to eat healthy and do exercise reguly.
P: docter do you have something for my headache?
D: here is some pills, drink one every time your head hurts.
P: thank you docter, until next time.
D: Until next time Mrs. Perez.

What is your opinion?

unit 10

In the Unit 10 we talk about our abilities and talents, and talent that we don't have
Hi my name is Luis Manuel. I can draw very well sometimes on Saturday. I can’t cook. I can’t sing very well.

Well, that's about all for now... What is your name? What is your opinion? what can you do?

unit 9 II

Hi, mi name is Luis Manuel. Usually drink milk for breakfast. I sometimes drink coffe for breakfast. I never eat eggs for breakfast. I seldom eat yogurt for breakfast.

What don't like to eat? what is your favorite food? why?

Unit 9

In unit 9 we learned about the food Pyramid, about foods that we like and don't like...
We also learn what we always eat usuallyand never on our breakfast...
I eat a lot of chocolate, sometimes I eat vegetals, I don’t like brocolis. I like chocolate, fruit, grains, chiken and pizza. I don’t have a healthy diet. I need to eat more vegetals. I nedd to eat less.

What is your name? what is your opinion? waht do you usually have for breakfast?